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Still Not Much To See Here.

Ah, Leap Day has arrived again.

That is all.
Looks like the procedure went very well.

Fingers crossed that the very early positive signs continue in due course.

Nothing to see here

Leap day.

That is all.

More Music Foolishness

Have you ever wondered what I thought about a bunch of mad English musicians?

Now is your chance to head over to the Dirty Impound and find out.

Irony Content: Extreme

Just saw an ad for Christianmingle.com, a Christian interwebs dating site. Perhaps their ad agency should pay a little more attention to where exactly they are shotgunning their 30 second spots as it turns out they were sponsering a program about the making of Black Sabbath's Paranoid.


Holiday Times (with occasional virus)

It's been a while since I was given the gift of plague for a holiday. Turns out it still sucks. All things considered it could certainly be worse so I'm not going to complain too loudly.

I think 2010 may be remembered as "The Year of Worry." Worried about school, future career, present finances, my spouses health, my health, our future, family, my friends, and my friends futures... it's awfully draining. There was a lot to be concerned about this year.

Here's to 2011, where I hope we all get to relax a bit. Cheers

Well this doesn't suck

Just got done swimming in the Pacific Ocean off Waikiki Beach. It was only about 20 yards off Waikiki Beach, but still...

What The -?!

Podle and I have a reservation for two at 9:00PM tonight at The French Laundry.

Can this experience possibly live up to the hype? Can any meal actually be worth the money we will be spending? Is it really the best restaurant in North America?

First off everyone reading this will be familiar with the challenging year the Podle and I have gone through, and by challenging of course I mean *expletive deleted*. I bring this up not to rehash the events, but because in light of everything that has happened I am preparing to make a major life change (going from worker to student). Because of this I am thinking a lot about clearing my head, the apartment, and my spirit (oh, that old thing?) in advance so that I can approach the new path with as much chance of success (and fewest un-examined skeletons in the closet) as possible.

So along comes an opportunity to do something we've wanted to do for years and I grabbed it in the spirit of 'Whatever else happened or will happen we've got to LIVE.' Rather than being giddy, however, I am feeling very thoughtful about the whole thing.

In the end (or at least the middle-end) I think the questions I posed above are not exactly germaine: It can't live up to some people's hype, can't possibly be worth the money, and 'best' is far too subjective a term. What I am coming up with are some thoughts within the context of who I am, where I am, where I've been and what I've done.

I am very impressed by what I have read about Thomas Keller's approach to making not only The French Laundry but his other restaurants institutions rather than being dependent entirely on him, that the approach (outstanding technique, among other things) and attitude (Keller is apparently ridiculously encouraging of his staff) are as important as the individuals currently executing them. A corollary to this idea of continuity is that when someone impressive is coming up through his kitchen it is entirely possible that Keller is going to partner with that someone (providing the time is right, it is a business after all), make an investment to keep them 'in the family.' That is scary smart, and also very worthy of respect in my humble opinion. Food aside we may be on our way to dine in a working environment that sounds like nirvana to me.

Here is a quote out of Tony Bourdain's A Cooks Tour. Thomas Keller when asked about perfection said 'Perfect is something you never actually attain. It's something you search for. Once you reach it, it's not perfect. You've lost it. It's gone.'

Zen motherfucker.

At a time in our lives when almost everything has, at times, been hard or seemed impossible (or worse, pointless) we are going to be sitting down to dinner in a place that many people have elevated to a temple. I am thinking that this may be true, but maybe not for the reasons a lot of folks would put forth: Not the food, the wine, the expense, the exclusivity, the elevation-by-association, the Michelin stars, or the myriad other things people try to quantify.

I think The French Laundry may be a temple because of the dedication to craft, and work, and imagination, and whimsey. Without those all you'll end up with is product, and volume, and attitude, and irony... and as Alton Brown might say (pardon the name dropping) - those aren't Good Eats.

So off we go, and my mind is focused less on the destination than on the journey...

I wonder what the food will be like?